* Dr. Nurit Cohen, Ph.D. – Mission Statement

As a licensed psychologist as well as a trained psychoanalyst I am guided by my schooling and training. However, I would also like to think that my own life experience and my exposure to different cultures allow me to treat each and every person as unique and to receive each individual as openly as possible.

In my practice I work mostly with individual patients and couples. I enjoy knowing that I can be of help to my patients and believe that establishing a special relationship between us, based on trust and mutual respect, will lead to insight. Ultimately insight will lead to helpful decisions that will promote the change that brings about a happier and more fulfilled life.

When I work with couples my style will be slightly different than when I am work with individual patients because my effort will be on allowing both partners to feel included in this process and thus focusing more on the relationship. When I work with an individual patient the focus of our work will become the individual’s ability to self reflect, self regulate and to trust the validity of one’s own feelings and point of view.

Initially, I will meet with new patients to assess their needs and to find out how we can best work together. This might mean discussing a patient’s goals and expectations, how often we should meet, and also financial arrangements including insurance considerations. This will also be the time when we’ll discuss the patient’s wish to become engaged in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. These two modes of treatment are really overlapping. They differ primarily in terms of frequency of sessions. Therefore, if we decide on psychoanalysis we would meet more often and have the opportunity to dwell into issues in more depth.

To schedule an appointment or discuss possible treatment, you can contact me by calling and leaving a message at 626-695-4569, or click here to send me an email. I generally respond within one business day.